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Urbandictionary (the mother of all dictionaries) defines fubar as “being f’d up beyond all reason/recognition/repair”.  I am adding a second definition to this, that you Lab Rats need to adopt.

2. A higher level of barbell/weightlifting training, taught by Grand Master Fu.

FuBarbell and Diane Fu

Fun Fu - Carl brings this out in everyone, I swear.

Fun Fu – Carl brings this out in everyone, I swear.

If you’ve been into the CrossFit “scene” for any length of time you probably have heard of Diane Fu and/or FuBarbell.  If not, then for your own social standing just pretend like you have and listen up with intent.

Diane Fu is the grand master of Barbell Wizardry at the legendary San Francisco CrossFit.  She works alongside some nobodies by the name of Kelly Starrett (bio) and Carl Paoli (bio). Ho hum.  She also owns and operates FuBarbell – a weightlifting club out of SF CrossFit and travels the world spreading the religion of weightlifting via her seminars.

In short, she’s someone you should pay attention to if you have any desire to become a better CrossFitter.

Who’s House? Fu’s House?

WHY SO SERIOUS?!  When Fu's at her desk, it's all business.

WHY SO SERIOUS?! When Fu’s at her desk, it’s all business.

Well not really, we’re not giving her the house, but she’s coming to visit.  This Saturday in fact.  If you’ve been to the box and seen some weird photoshoot looking setup in the corner – that’s EXACTLY what it is.  A photoshoot setup.  (don’t let your kids play on the super inviting looking photoshoot setup PLEASE!)

Diane is coming to Fit Lab to do a quick photo shoot with us for something we’re collaborating on.  She should be at Fit Lab around the time the Saturday workout is going on.  So if you see a rad looking asian chick all tatted up carrying barbells and wearing headbands – make sure to say hi.

She’s not necessarily coming to start breaking down your snatch, so please refrain from asking.  We got work to do! =)

However… she can help you and guess what?

Upcoming FuBarbell Seminar

FuBarbell. Not "Eff You"

FuBarbell. Not “Eff You”

We’re happy to also announce that we’ll be hosting an upcoming FuBarbell seminar. So if you’re looking to have Diane walk you thru the important phases of a lift and get some coaching time with here – there’s your chance.  We haven’t fully locked in the dates yet, but we’re looking at early September as of right now.

I recently attended her seminar – and I can vouch for the lady.  She knows her stuff inside and out. She’s organized, runs a smooth seminar, and most importantly, she’s an EXCELLENT communicator.

Even more exciting is we’re working with Diane to host an advanced seminar.  So for those of you who’re more advanced in your lifting technique and instruction you can attend a seminar that will be geared more towards fine tuning your movements.

Yesterday’s Results

June 26th 2013 Whiteboard

June 26th 2013 Whiteboard

Workout Of The Day

June 27th 2013
Time Domain: Short (10 – 15 minutes)
Movements: Snatch, Row, Sit-Ups