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There’s a few things we all know as of tonight:

  1. This blog has been dead silent for a few months.  In fact, I think the one of the last pieces I wrote was a goodbye letter to some of our friends from Nor Cal who left at the end of summer.
  2. Marcos is leaving for Sweden. Tomorrow.
Smiles and thumbs up - classic Soltero

Smiles and thumbs up – classic Soltero

A few days ago, Marcos asked me if I could write a letter of recommendation for him as he transitioned over to Europe.  I agreed to do that – and I just decided – I would make it an open letter.

Coach Letter of Recommendation

The truth of the matter is, Marcos is as much of the DNA of Torrance CrossFit as Jamie, Lexie or myself.  He was the first coach we hired, in fact, I still recall doing a workout with him here in one of the earliest days of Torrance CrossFit.  I remember not only cause it was one of the first workouts he did with me, and I could see the intent in his eyes to beat me (pretty sure he didn’t) – but because in that workout I missed a box jump and split the hell out of my shins.

In hindsight maybe I didn’t want him to beat me… and maybe he did beat me… but all cause of the bloody shin…  But I digress.

To any potential employer or business partner of Marcos know that you are getting someone who we wish we were not losing.

Really, that’s all the letter of recommendation you should need.  He is a stand up guy.  He is passionate about what he does (ask him about the 3″ running shorts when he was into running…) and is a student of the crafts he employs.  He is fun to be around, has a great personality and sense of humor, and someone I can consider a friend over a colleague.

Many of our athletes benefitted greatly from working with Marcos

Many of our athletes benefitted greatly from working with Marcos

As I mentioned, Marcos is a student of the game. He put in long hours in the gym by himself. Learning.  Training.  Studying.  Programming. Marcos was benevolently invested in the growth of others as much as himself, but he’s intelligent enough to know HE must grow in order to facilitate the growth of those he worked with.

One of the biggest traits I can vouch for as he heads off into the unknown – is he is adaptable. That quite honestly is not something I can say for many adults.  When Marcos joined our team, he brought with him the discipline and bravado of the Marine he is.  However, Torrance CrossFit isn’t a strict, PR or DIE type gym.  After one sit down with Marcos, we immediately began to see changes in his demeanor, attitude and effort.  The bark became a smile.  The stern dismissal became a joke.

We are losing a great coach – one who would have fit perfectly into the business model we are evolving into.  One who has the respect and admiration of clients, other coaches and ownership alike.  Our loss can be your gain.

If you have any need for further recommendation or feedback on Marcos as a person or a professional you can reach me at dan at torrancecrossfit dot com.