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Tonight Lexie and Jamie left for a quick trip out of town with their families for some time on the “River”.

It’s funny cause over the years, we’ve all taken our turns being “The Foundational Bedrock” of Torrance CrossFit, but if we had one at the moment it’s Lexie.  Jamie – if you haven’t noticed – has been doing private training after private training lately.  Both of these ladies are pulling some weight when it comes to running TCF, and they’re BOTH GONE!

I’m kinda scared I can hold this ship together for three days without them!  Pray for me!


Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A. Weightlifting
Power Snatch

B. MetCon / Girl Workout
Ring Dip

CrossFit Lite

A. Planks, Pushups & Suicides
20 sec plank+10 pushups+suicide
30 sec plank+10 pushups+suicide
40 sec plank+10 pushups+suicide
50 sec plank+10 pushups+suicide
60 sec plank+10 pushups+suicide
On last lap of each suicide, return
in a bear crawl

B. 21-15-9
Ring dips / box dips
Russian twist