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We’ve all seen the photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Some CrossFitter showing off their ripped up hands.  Yeah, it’s some sort of a right of passage I guess – I mean I still remember my first rip.  It was during Murph, I proudly showed my box owner/coach the rip and he went (with dripping sarcasm) “awww you got an ouchie”.

In short – ripping your hands is NEVER a good thing.   You’re in here trying to get fitter, and without your meat hooks you’re severely limiting your ability to do so.  So, now that we’ve gotten that point addressed, we can talk about two things:  How to prevent ripping, and what to do in the case you do rip.

Since we’ve got a handful of people who’ve ripped doing 2007 the other night, I’m going to address what to do once you get a rip first.  We’ll go over preventative measures tomorrow night.

How To Deal With Rips

Clean that up.

Clean that up.

Step 0. Clean Your Equipment

I know you’re likely either disgusted or bro-d out at the fact you’re bleeding, but take a second before instagramming your hands to CLEAN OFF ANY EQUIPMENT you used.  This is just some common courtesy stuff. Then you can go back to your instagramming!

Step 1. Cut off the Ripped Skin

What you don’t want is a flappy piece of skin drying up and becoming a nuisance during the healing process.  Don’t get all sentimental at this point, that skin is dead and there’s no need hanging onto it.  It’s not protecting anything and only becomes a liability in the healing process.

Cut off the skin with these.

Cut off the skin with these.

I usually use a small surgical scissor.  I’m not sure why I even possess one, but apparently I do.  If you don’t have one of those, you can use a nail clipper (I hope you have one of those).  If anyone in your household has some crazy nails, you might want to disinfect them first. Pour some 151 on em and light em on fire or something like that.  Just kidding… just remove any dirt/lint/funky nails and then dab rubbing alcohol on it using a Q-Tip or something.

Try to cut the ripped skin off as close to the base of the skin as possible.  Over time this skin will get hard. If you leave a nubby on there, it’s going to become a magnet for anything it can possibly snag.

Step 2.  Wash The Wound(s)

The first thing you need to do with a rip is to clean the wound out.  You’ve probably just finished some crazy workout involving like a zillion pull-ups and you might have packed chalk on top of your openings in an attempt to make believe you’re not ripped open  You’ve also been handling things.  Needless to say, your wound is disgustingly dirty, so it needs to be washed out thoroughly.

This will sting like a mofo.  They used to tell me the sting is all the little bad germy-germs dying.  I like to still think of this as I’m fighting back tears.  Die you germy bastards.

The good news is the sting/pain is pretty quick.  Clench down on your core like you’re about to do a PR Attempt on a back squat and hopefully that will get you thru the worst part of it.

Step 3.  Apply Neosporin and Bandage

You now have very clean, open wounds.  Apply some neosporin or another anti-bacterial ointment to the wound after cleaning. This will help replace some oils that your skin lost in the process of cutting off dead skin and washing the wound.  Then bandage it up.

Vitamin_EOngoing Rip Maintenance

After about 24 hours, you don’t need to continue to bandage the ripped areas.  But you will want to continue on with keeping the area clean and applying the Neosporin.  It’s been found that the wound will heal quicker if it’s exposed to open air, so unless you have a really bad rip or a reason to keep it bandaged, you can leave it unbandaged from this point on.

You might also want to replace the Neosporin with Vitamin E after the initial 24 hours.  It’s been found that Vitamin E might help with the healing process.  Look for Vitamin E gel capsules at your local drugstore.  Break open a capsule, squeeze the oil out onto the wound in lieu of the Neosporin.

Workout of The Day

July 31st, 2013

Turkish Get Ups

Do 3 TGUs on each side per set.

15 Min AMRAP
30 double unders
10 burpees
30 double unders
15 KB swings (1.5/1pd)

Scale 30 double unders to 60 single unders