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Congratulations!! You survived the Open! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first timers, I’m sure these last 5 weeks tested your fitness in some way. I honestly think this year’s open workouts have been some of the best, giving everyone something to work on.

So, what’s next??

What are we supposed to do with ourselves now? Well, for most of us the stress is over but for Jamie and her team the journey is just beginning. This year, Jamie will be going TEAM (her superteam consists of 7x Regionals athlete Chelsey Grigsby, 5x Regionals athlete Teddy Hwang and 3x Regionals athlete Andrew Kong). CrossFit takes the top 24 teams of each Region. We are in the West, which includes California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Hawaii! The top 5 teams at Regionals will advance to the CrossFit Games.

If you’ve never been to Regionals, you NEED to go! We don’t know how much longer they will host in Del Mar, and since it’s only a couple hours drive  – it would be a shame to not come and see what the hype is all about.

What to expect and what to do now!

Expect to see some of the fittest athletes in the country. If you thought our Friday Night Lights was crazy, just wait until you experience it at Regionals. First, buy your tickets HERE

The dates are Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 25-27. Be mindful, it’s Memorial Day weekend so if you need accommodations, book now!

Also be on the lookout for future posts- we usually get a big group together there and have a HUGE cheering section. We try to be as obnoxious as possible. Since we are going team this year, I think we can take over the stadium.

We usually get on the big screen too!

We will also be printing team shirts – so we can all be spotted easily and look good when we’re all together. Any volunteers to help coordinate will be helpful! Talk to Lexie if you’re down to help – we need help saving seats, etc..! See you all down there!