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Aloha from Maui.  I”m writing this right now at 7:00AM sitting on the lanai of our condo.  I’ve got a coffee by my side and a massive sunburn on my back which has kept me from sleeping in 🙂

While out here, I’m going to try to check in with a few blog posts.  I’d decided to try to keep an eye, ear and mind out for things I can see here that relate to things going on back home.  And here’s my first one. 

Depending on how you choose to look at this, today’s post can either be a little grim, or a little hopeful.  Either way, it is just life it is what it is.

One game every kid plays when they hit the beach is “Build the sand-thing-and-hope-the-waves-don’t-destroy-it”.  I don’t know why it’s innate in our human character to play this game, but as all of you know every kid (and some adults) play it.  

The first day here, we hit the beach outside of the condo.  Sure enough, following whatever genetic programming is in place, my kids start building a sand-something and trying to protect it from the inevitable wave that was coming for it.  

  • They built moats.
  • They built walls.
  • They used their body to help shield the waves.
  • They made the sand-thing super sturdy and tall.
  • Each wave that came, they figured out new ways to make the thing a little more study.

But at the end of the day, the sand ended up perfectly flat.  The moats were filled in. The walls we washed away.  The sand-creation was gone.

Watching this made me reflect.  I got into some deeper thoughts that just this, but one thing I took away was this:

No matter how hard we all try, the sand will end up flat.

Now, that’s a pretty depressing thought when you think about it, but it’s reality.  But here comes the good part.

If you live you life understanding this, accepting it, and not ignorant of it, then you can prepare yourself to live a much more bountiful life.

Part of what we do at Torrance CrossFit is help each of you put walls and moats up around yourself.  There’s obviously no permanent defense to time and age, but we’re helping you build walls and moats that are more sturdy and will have a better chance to stand the test of time than those who do not take the time to do so.

Plus, in the spirit of Hawaii, we’re having a lot of fun doing it.  And what’s better than enjoying your time with friends and family doing something you love that’s putting yourself in a better place today and in the future?

Aloha and Mahalo..  See you all soon friends.

Workout of the Day:



30 mountain climbers
6 bent rows 115/75
8 russian twists 35/26
12 wall balls 20/14

CrossFit Lite:

A. 4 RFT – 1 minute each station, no transition time
~ Row (cals)
~ KB goblet squats
~ KB Russian Twists
~ KB box step ups
1 minutes rest after each round