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The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.
— Leo Tolstoy

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Ahhhh CrossFit. There’s so many ways I love you.  You’re so bold, yet so coy.  You shower me with attention, yet I’m always thinking about you.  Some days, you touch me and walk away. Other days, you touch me, and leave me on the floor.  You’re open trying new things (that always keeps this relationship fresh!) and yet you somehow adhere to some tried and true basic principles that keep this relationship in line.

But – there’s one trait of yours that I love more than anything.  That perfectly placed birthmark or dimple that attracts all that attention… the humanity involved with CrossFit.

Sucker For Humanity

CrossFit Games women cheering for the last competitor of a heat to finish.

CrossFit Games women cheering for the last competitor of a heat to finish.

Anyone who is my friend on Facebook knows I’m a sucker for humanity.  I think, in this world filled with greed and deceit, humans have an underlying shine to them that can never be stripped away.   Maybe I’ve seen too many Disney movies – but I think even the Grinch (who had a heart two sizes too small) can find some sense of joy in performing acts of humanity.

There’s no better time than mid July to see and sense the community of CrossFit thriving. During this magical time, CrossFitters from all over the world ascend upon one location to participate in, spectate, or volunteer at The CrossFit Games.  We here in SoCal, especially in the South Bay, are beyond lucky because it happens to take place in Carson at the StubHub Center.

Back to This.  This time, non-CrossFit Games athletes, cheering on the last person in their heat to finish.

Back to This. This time, non-CrossFit Games athletes, cheering on the last person in their heat to finish.

During this time, you’ll see strange new faces en masse in your box.  Some of them might be competing in the games.  Some might be coaches of competitors.  Some might be average joe CrossFitters.  From the top to the bottom, they generally all are courteous, respectful, and polite. They also will generally fit right into the crowd pretty quick.  You might see some of these drop ins immediately telling stories, sharing jokes, maybe even joining up for an impromptu post-workout meal.  It’s as if were long lost cousins.  To take someone into your house as one of your own is the most humane thing you can do – especially strangers.  I see it happen all year round and every day of the week during Games!

No Trade Secrets

If there’s one thing in the world I kinda despise is people stingy with information – especially when there’s no reason NOT to share.  I used to love one of my aunt’s cornbreads, and I would ask her all the time for the recipe.  Not cause I wanted to sell them, not cause I wanted to claim them as my own, but because I would have liked to make them and share them with others when I could. She never gave up that recipe – and to this day, I can only surmise it’s cause she wanted to have a monopoly on the cornbread giving.

CrossFitters, by and large, freely share.  Information, tips, tricks, etc.  I see people of all skill levels – from Kool-Aide sippin’ moms and dads all the way to  Professional CrossFitters freely and openly sharing whatever they can to help the next person.    I wouldn’t even have the balls to ask a pro NBA player tips on shooting the midrange, let alone think they might even acknowledge my request… but I see Pros in our game take the time out of the day and training to give tips or suggestions to almost anyone who asks.

The Ultimate In Humanity

We all watch sports for a few key reasons deep down inside.  Most of the time we don’t think of them as such, but sporting events are actually real time, dynamic suspense/drama. It’s great cause nothing is scripted (supposedly) and the drama plays out right in front of us. Like ABC sports used to promote, it’s all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Despair + Humanity = Triumph

Despair + Humanity = Triumph

Of all the moments in sports that tug at my heartstrings, it’s moments of humanity. Going full circle and tying this back to Disney, that final scene in Cars when Lightning McQueen lets the a-hole Skip Hicks win the race and goes back to help the badly injured King across the finish line ahead of him.  Those kind of moments are what make sports special from time to time.  It’s the humanity.  In real life, it happened too.

What’s insane about CrossFit, is that kind of humanity is normal.  It happens in almost every workout, in every box, on every stage every day.  The Games themselves are no different.  If you pay attention to what’s going on this weekend – you will see in every event, there will be acts of humanity.  Competitors will help each other finish.  They will cheer each other on, harder than the fans themselves.  You can find them warming up, giving each other tips moments before the actual event.  You’ll see them smiling, laughing, hugging each other.

In Pursuit Of A Better You

The fun and games, the competition, the friendships made, those are all a by product of one thing:  Hard Work.  The only reason you’re going to put in that hard work is for one end result: A better you. Mind body and soul.  If you’ve never done CrossFit,  come in and see exactly what we’re talking about – it’s a magical thing.  If you’re newer to the community and already a Fit Lab member, I’m excited for you – you’re about to experience something pretty cool!


Check this out, and check it out hard:

NO CLASS TODAY AT 7:30PM.  We will NOT have a class Wednesday (today) night at 7:30PM.  Instead the gym will be closed down for a special event.  If you registered for our special event, hats off and (many) handstands to you!  We should have some guests in for the event, so make sure to be a good host!

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY WE’RE CLOSED!  All day, Friday and Saturday.  Dan and Jamie are both working at the Games doing different awesome things.  Jamie will be posted up at the Vitargo booth, working with them.  Dan will be part of the CrossFit Games social media team covering the “party inside the party”.  Find me walking around the Fan Zone, the Vendor area, Tent city, the food concessions, and maybe even the Beer Garden – looking to tweet about what’s good in the hood.

Workout of the Day

July 24th, 2013
Team Race
In even teams, not to exceed 5 members:
Row 500m
30 Lateral Burpee Box Jump Overs (20″/16″)
40 Kettlebell Swings (1.5pd/1pd)
50 Pull-Ups
Run 400m

Set up this race Games style, stepping from one movement to the next in a linear fashion.  A team member cannot advance to the next movement until the team member in front of them has completed their respective movement and has begun the next movement.  The only exception to this is the run, once any athlete is done with their pull-ups, they can begin their run.  Race is complete when all team members have completed the run.

Coaches, use this chart to break teams as evenly as possible:

2: 2 teams of 1
3: 3 teams of 1
4: 2 teams of 2
5: 5 teams of 1
6: 2 teams of 3
7: 1 team of 4, 1 team of 3
8: 2 teams of 4
9: 3 teams of 3
10: 2 teams of 5
11: 2 teams of 4, 1 team of 3
12: 3 teams of 4
13: 3 teams of 4, 1 team of 4
14: 2 teams of 4, 2 teams of 3
15: 3 teams of 5
16: 4 teams of 4

For class sizes of 7, 11, or 14 – the coach can jump into the last spot of the short team to make all teams even.  Unlucky 13 cannot be made into a fair race, so try to structure the teams accordingly.