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Shanelle cheering on her team - like a boss!

Shanelle cheering on her team – like a boss!

Back atcha with another installment of the Member Spotlight. If you aren’t familair with these, I don’t blame you because they’re a new thing we’re doing.  We’re interviewing members we feel represent a cross section of the population out there in general.  There’s a lot of people out there who think CrossFit is only for crazy ex-marines or what not.  Simply not the case – and we’re doing this to show the world that we represent EVERYONE.

Shanelle, if you didn’t know is Tiffany’s sister.  From what I’ve heard Shanelle was super sick and tired of having to hear about CrossFit every time she saw Tiff.  When we launched our CrossFit Lite class, Tiff somehow talked Shanelle into giving the Lite program a try.  We’ve had quite a few people transfer from Lite to General CrossFit, but I’m pretty sure Shanelle was one of the first, if not the very first.

Anyone who’s spent any time at the box in the last 6 months or so knows Shanelle has become one of the core evening members who’s always there to root someone on. She’s also our unofficial Team Mom for events – making signs and going the extra (ten) miles every event to make sure our athletes feel supported.

And now… Shanelle’s turn!
What was your first impression of CrossFit and how has that changed?
My first impression of CrossFit was that, this is not for me.  I’ve never been one to push my limits.  Listening to my sister (Tiffany) and brother (Chivas) talk about the WOD’s turned me off even more.  To my surprise and everyone who knows me, I now love going to CrossFit at TCF!  I now push myself to reach my goals *:) happy

The Ohana.  Well the immediate ohana.

The Ohana. Well the immediate ohana.

 How did you find Torrance CrossFit?
I did not find TCF, I was urged by my sister to try Torrance CrossFit Lites.  She even offered to pay for the Groupon *:-O surprise

What’s your favorite thing about Torrance CrossFit?
My favorite things about Torrance CrossFit are the coaches, members, and families.  Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, helpful, supportive, and caring.  Torrance CrossFit is one big Ohana that I am proud to be a part of!

What results have you seen?
I am physically stronger but more importantly I am mentally tougher.  I challenge myself and push myself to limits never imagined.  Prior to TCF, I would casually go through my workout.  I was not motivated.  Now, I anxiously wait for the nightly Blog to see what the WOD will be *:-B nerd

What’s your favorite Torrance CrossFit memory?
My favorite TCF memory is competing in the TCF intramurals with my husband Kirk, my sister Tiffany, my brother Chivas, my sister in law Lynzee, Kelsee, Chris, and the entire TCF ohana!  Friday Night Lights were amazing!  The love and support from the TCF ohana is another one of my favorite things *:x  lovestruck

Workout of the Day

May 2, 2014
A. Strength
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1 @ 90%

B. MetCon