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Nana Korobi Ya Oki – Fall Down Seven Times, Get up Eight
— Old Japanese Proverb

Cheryl doing Event 3 of the Masters Qualifiers

Cheryl doing Event 3 of the Masters Qualifiers

The Masters qualifiers are over!  Before I get into my trials and tribulations, I’d like to thank Dan, Jamie, Lexie and Marcos for helping me strategize and for pushing me to get the most that I could out of myself, both physically and mentally.  A big thank you also to Chris, for video recording every agonizing minute (I hate you, Amanda, but more on that later), and to my judges and timekeepers, Dan, Marcos, Lexie, Nikki and Nindy.  Merry, the shoulder taping helped tremendously, as well as the gentle reminders to take better care of myself.  And a big shout out to all of my wonderful friends and TCF family for the cheers, encouragement, hugs, high fives and FB posts (not you, Eric, stop jacking my phone).

The four workouts were definitely a mixed bag of results for me, two highs, one low, and one depths of despair low. As with the Open, this was an eye-opening experience and it truly taught me a lot about how I respond to challenges.  Check out the tattoo on Eric’s arm.  Nana korobi ya oki – Fall down seven time, get up eight.  MY mantra…something else he jacked from me.

Here’s a blow-by-blow, apologies in advance for the length, this is a much-needed catharsis for me!

Thursday, 4/17

The four Masters Qualifier workouts were released at 5 p.m.  The first high was seeing Workout #3, and to say I was happy to see this workout is a vast understatement. It was dubbed the “Cheryl” by some of you, as these movements were definitely in my wheelhouse.  After strategizing with Dan, Lexie & Jamie, I decided to do this workout first.

40 Cal row –  I row a lot, ‘nuff said.

15 HSPU – as Dan has asked, “What is it with you and HSPUs?” Because yes, this is my #1 most favorite movement.  EVER.

30 DUs – another favorite movement, but note to those of you struggling with these, it took me over a year of whip marks, bruises and frustration (cursing) to finally to get them.  Don’t give up!

Result: 15:57

Friday, 4/18

Decided to do Workout #1, 1 Rep Max Clean,  then Workout #2, Amanda.

My second high was the 1 RM Clean, and a big thank you to Coach Jamie for all the cues and tips, as I could visualize it so clearly in my head but struggled to get the quick elbows under or drop under the bar.  After several failed attempts at 100# and 105#, I was somehow able to hit them.  Tried a couple of times at 110#, and although I got the bar high enough, didn’t get under it.  The frustration here was knowing that not having proper technique prevented me from hitting a higher weight.

Result: 105#, 20# PR

I’m going to save Workout #2, Ms. Amanda, for later.

Saturday, 4/19

Workout #4, 75 pull-ups / 100 wallballs.  This was one of my two lows. No excuses, but physical and mental fatigue, muscle burnout, plus very poor execution definitely impacted my performance.  Kudos to those Games athletes who can do multiple workouts over consecutive days, because it’s not easy.

I actually thought I’d do okay on the 75 pull-ups, even though I don’t have a kip.  I had planned to do 10 sets of 7, then a set of 5, using the reverse grip that served me so well in Amanda the night before.  I didn’t realize until starting the workout that reverse grip wouldn’t work because my biceps were burnt out, so I ended up doing 75 strict pull-ups, mostly singles, using the regular pull-up grip.  I kept looking at Lexie & Nikki with a “REALLY????” look in my eyes.  An eon later, I was done and on to the wallballs. Two sets of 10 each, then sets of five (thank you, Lexie!)  Eric later told me that if I had eliminated all my no-reps, I would have been approximately one minute faster. I re-watched the video, and not only was he was right on the no-reps, I realized that I also spent way too much time adjusting the ball to the angle I wanted it each time I let it fall to the ground. If there’s one workout that I am really disappointed with, it’s this one. No excuses for that terrible WB performance.

RESULT: 21:07

SO…back to Friday night and Workout #2 Amanda, 9-7-5 Chest to Bar / Power Snatch to Overhead Squat @ 65#.  “Depths” of Despair!!

That’s 21 reps, people. ONLY TWENTY-ONE.  BUT! I had only ever snatched 45# once before, and pretty much have avoided any WODs with snatches or OHS due to shoulder issues. Prior to starting the workout, I built up from 35# to 65#.  Seriously, 35# was pretty difficult, and so mentally, I set my initial goal to do just ONE, and the subsequent goal to do them all if I could get that first one.

The C2B with the reverse grip went pretty quickly on each of the rounds, but the snatches/OHS were another matter. Reviewing the video afterwards was excruciatingly painful, watching myself wobble all over, seeing the loose core and lack of balance, and watching as time after time I couldn’t hit the squat or lock out my arms at the top. When I finally got to the round of 5 in the snatches, I just wanted it to be over, and then horrors, I got to #4 and couldn’t even snatch the bar up.  Had to take a long(er) break, collect myself and get it done.  Without a doubt, the most difficult and painful workout I have EVER done.

And the kicker?  After official video review, my workout was invalidated due to faults in my squat depth, so I receive a no score.  I was embarrassed and disappointed. A while ago, Eric asked me if I’d ever failed on a lift, and I told him no.  And he said, “Without failure, how can you ever know your limits?”  So yes, I failed, I know my limits, and as TAA (time after Amanda) passes, I’m more motivated than ever to surpass my limits.  In retrospect, it’s a good thing I had to submit this video, because if I hadn’t, I most likely would have continued along the same path, making no progress or improvement, and failed again the next time.

Time: 20.07 – even though I get no score, I consider this a moral victory!

While I’m alternately elated and bitterly disappointed with my performance in these four workouts, this experience has shown me what I’m capable of, but more importantly, that I can’t expect to reach the level of performance that I demand of myself if I haven’t put in the time, focus, work and effort.  I need to be a lot more mentally and physically tough, and stop floating through workouts.

One of my favorite movements!

One of my favorite movements!

My Goals

MOBILITY MOBILITY MOBILITY – mobility issues are preventing me from optimizing my performance.

Training vs. Workout – no more working out just to work out.  Have a plan with purpose.

Stop cherry picking or “wodshopping” the WODs.  Our workouts are programmed the way they are for specific reasons, and by picking and choosing, I’ve missed out on learning important movements, lifts and skills, and the necessary progressions.

Set goals for each weightlifting movement, gymnastics skill and metcon, for example, GET A KIPPING PULL-UP!!!

Find the perfect balance of training, nutrition and sleep – train to the limit with strategically scheduled rest days for sufficient recovery, continue to eat healthy and get more sleep!

Nana korobi ya oki – Fall down seven times get up eight.

I’ve gotten up eight times, I’m fired up and ready to get started on the next phase of my CF life!

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Workout of the Day

A.  Olympic Weightlifting
1-1-1-1-1 @ 90%

B. MetCon
20 T2B
10 Wall Ball (20/14)