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Calling all Torrance CrossFitters!  As we all know, our box leader Jamie is a bad ass.  So bad ass, she’s literally one of the best female CrossFitters in the WORLD.  That’s actually not an exaggeration, but something Jamie would deny – being the modest mouse that she is.  Unfortunately she competes in SoCal, which houses SEVERAL other of the world’s best CrossFitters.  Since CrossFit Games rules only allow the top three competitors from SoCal to reach the Games, it’s not a lock for any of these women to make it to the big dance.  In some regards this kinda sucks, since some of the fittest athletes in the world don’t make it to the big dance cause they’re logged jammed in a deep So Cal region.

Enter the OC Throwdown.  This event is gearing up to showcase the worlds fittest athletes, regardless of how many come from what region.  Jamie’s qualified – and she’s going to be competing alongside dozens of other women who all are CrossFit Games calibre athletes.  Throw into the mix the fact that there’s going to be some of the worlds fittest men there competing as well and you have yourself a serious, bad ass competition to watch.

If you’ve never been to a competition, this is one to see.  We’re asking Torrance CrossFitters to get their butts to the OC Fairgrounds on January 11th and 12th 2014 to support Jamie.  We’ll head out there en masse and give her the support she deserves!

Tickets are discounted until December 23rd. So don’t delay.

Get your tickets here:
1 Day Pass (Jan 11 or 12) – $25 before Dec 23rd ($30 after)
2 Day Pass (Jan 11 and 12) – $35 before Dec 23rd ($40 after)

See you there!

Workout of the Day


A. Olympic Weightlifting
5X1 Snatch Pull Complex
Snatch Pull to Top of Knee
Snatch Pull to Mid Thigh
Snatch Hi-Pull

First two pulls (top of knee and thigh) are performed as deadlift style movements (slow and to proper position with emphasis on bar path and form)  Last pull (high pull) is performed with hip explosion to drive the bar up, allowing your elbows to break high and outside.

B. MetCon
2 Power Snatch (95/65)
1 Overhead Squat