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So not only do we at Torrance CrossFit have the 18th Fittest woman on earth, Jamie Hagiya, but we also have the 17th Fittest Masters Athlete in the 60+ category! You may have not even known that Cheryl Masukawa was competing in the CrossFit Games because she flew under the radar, quietly dominating the Open and qualifying events. She is the most modest and humble person I know, which is why we have to put her on blast for her amazing and incredible accomplishment.

I think we all just think of Cheryl as another bad-ass chick at our gym, but we all sometimes forget she is 61 years old! Think about what the average 60 year old is doing everyday to put things in perspective. She is the best role model for the aging population that are suffering from health issues and can’t keep up with their grandchildren. Watching Cheryl compete at that level was so inspiring- I’ve been to the Games a couple years before and this year was the most special watching Cheryl and Jamie compete.

She was the smallest competitor in her age division, so it is simply amazing what kinds of numbers she put up! She PR’d her squat clean with 97lbs and also her snatch at 75lbs. She got through all her workouts with a huge smile on her face and was truly embracing the experience of being on the soccer stadium floor among the best athletes in the world! 13723983_10208996856870559_4270941810528665939_o

Having Cheryl be a part of our community at Torrance CrossFit is another blessing. She is a prime example of how hard work and a great attitude pays off.

We are so proud of you Cheryl!