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“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
― Aristotle

One special thing about the CrossFit community is we’re helpful.  It’s a community based on sharing – not hoarding.  That essence is emanated from the top down.  Go to CrossFit.com and you’ll see that they’ve published their workouts and programming for free since day one.

I mention this for two reasons.  Similar to the awesome Open Intramural we did, we’re about to propose a pretty cool concept to coincide with our “Refer A Friend” month of May.  And this concept was given to us by the same folks who came up with the Open Intramural concept:  CrossFit Catalyst.

Teach someone to squat like this, and I'll give you a dollar....

Teach someone to squat like this, and I’ll give you a dollar….

Pay One Forward

The concept is simple – and it actually coincides with this 30 minute squat challenge craziness that’s going around:

Teach your friends how to squat.  

In the month of May we’re challenging all of you to go out there and teach your friends how to squat.  We’re talking legit, full depth proper squats.  Not everyone will have this ability on day one.  That’s ok, spend time with them – work with them.  Heck, we’re close enough to the month of May to just start today, so get to work people!

Once you’ve gotten them to a solid squat, take a photo of your accomplishment and post it on Facebook or Instagram.  Tag us in that post to let us know it’s there.

For taking the time to learn how to squat, your friends will earn themselves a free Fundamentals course.   That’s a  free, potentially life changing CrossFit introduction course for simply learning how to squat and posting it for the world to see!

For every person you teach to squat, we will enter you in a drawing to win $100 worth of any merchandise you want from the box.  Progenex, SetWear, T-Shirts.  Anything you want!  Plus, you get the added bonus of not only helping someone you love or care about learn how to squat, but you probably learn a thing or two while teaching your friend as well.  Teachers oft get to learn via teaching, cause students always ask things that challenge your understanding.

Kaji was our front desk person for a day.  He didn't say hi or bye to anyone while he was squatting.

Kaji was our front desk person for a day. He didn’t say hi or bye to anyone while he was squatting.

Get Creative

Our friends at Catalyst told us that one person got their entire floor at their workplace to squat in one photo.  If you did that you’d get 20+ entries into the contest, and your whole office floor could take Fundamentals for free!  And the reports were, everyone in the office had a ton of fun learning how to squat!

So get to it!  Start teaching your friends a proper squat and post the photo to Facebook today!

Jamie’s Fan Shirts Are Preselling

If you’re planning to make it down to Regionals in late May, we’re going to be coordinating to all wear the same shirts in support of Jamie.  If this is your first rodeo, there’s some longstanding very important gyms in the community that have massive fan support and it shows in the stands.  With the community we’ve begun to build here, there’s no reason we cannot rival destroy their fan presence this year!

Show your support!  Get your Jamie Fan Shirts now!

Show your support! Get your Jamie Fan Shirts now!

Jamie’s been working her ass off to try to make a serious push for the Games – and we’re planning on showing up and being the second man (cause we couldn’t be the 12th man in an individual competition, now could we?)  Letting the world know (yes, this will be streamed live to the world) that Jamie has the biggest, loudest, most supportive community behind her.

We have some seriously fun, awesome, and potentially TV-time-stealing schnaneghans in the works.  But to unify it, we need everyone wearing the same shirt, we we can stick out like a bloodied hook grip thumb in the stands.  We’ve worked with some of her sponsors to help us offset some of the costs of her fan shirts, and all of the proceeds raised from these shirts will go back towards helping fund various aspects of her training.  Primarily equipment.

Equipment that will remain at TCF for everyone to use.  We have already ordered a GHD, which will be the first of the new toys that arrive soon.  How much fun stuff will we get?  Depends on how many shirts we sell. 😉

The shirts will be of the highest quality, something that you can wear to workout in for years to come.  They’ve been designed by our very own Chris Ready and Mike Endrola, for whom we have so much gratitude for their assistance on this!  Vitargo, RX Smart Gear and Juggernaut Training Systems were the title sponsors on the shirts, and Rise Bar, Setwear Fitness and Truffula Candy Company (surprise surprise) were silver sponsors.  Please show all these companies some love for their ongoing support of Jamie as an athlete and TCF as a box.  Seriously, top notch companies that are willing to really step up and help out.

Buy your shirts here!

Workout of the Day

A. Olympic Weightlifting
Clean and Jerk
4-4-4-4 @ 75%

B. MetCon
5 Sets.  Max Effort per Movement.
30s work / 15s rest per movement

  1. Knees To Elbow
  2. Double Unders
  3. Plate Facing Burpees
  4. Push Press at ~35% of your Push Press 1RM