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Most businesses would close if their customers never showed up. An empty restaurant is a disaster. An empty store means bankruptcy. At a gym, emptiness equals success.

Today on the show, the mind games that gyms play with you. From design to pricing to free bagels, gyms want to be a product that everyone buys, but no one actually uses.

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Time to open your minds again.  This time, it’s not a video – it’s an NPR expose on Planet Fitness.  This is worth a serious listen to, and this is something I’ve been preaching for years: Traditional Gyms go to great lengths to sell you a “deal” and then hope you never show up again.

The $10-$39 a month price point has been psychologically determined by pretty much one thing alone:  How much can they get out of your that’s insignificant enough to you to not really care if you don’t actually USE the membership?

Listen to this NPR Money expose on how these gym’s trick you.  And then think about what’s going on at CrossFit.


Pay special attention when you get to the part they speak about the actual benefits that Planet Fitness provides to try to show “value” of the membership:

Pizza nights, bagel breakfasts, fancy equipment that do nothing for your fitness.  And when they speak about the gyms that ACTUALLY care about getting their clients in shape – listen to how they describe the gym that actually cares about getting their clients in shape.

Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A.  Push press 5rm
A2. barbell bent row 3x 10 (heaviest possible w  good form)

B. 6 rounds
12 KB swings 1.5/1
12 burpee box jump over 24/20

Beginner CrossFit

A. 15 min Push Press/Sumo DL HP instruction

B. MetCon

Fight Gone Bad- 3 rounds
1 min Wall Ball
1 min Sumo DL High Pull
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Push Press
1 min Row

CrossFit Lite

A. Metcon
Buy-in – 30 DUs
Box Jumps
Wall Balls

Cash out: 30 DUs

40 minute time cap