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It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.
— Benjamin Franklin

AN EARLY POST! Unknown and unknowable, even on the blog.

Anyone who watched the CrossFit Games this weekend likely left on a high.  Motivated as hell to get back into the gym and get back to training.  I’m with you all on that!  There’s so much about the Games to get wrapped up with, it’s kinda amazing.  The electricity in the stands as Akinwale wraps up the handstand walks unbroken.  The moment you can feel everyone collectively sigh when yet another athlete who’s struggling to get a rope climb drops from the top without making the final pull.  THE ONE HANDED SNATCH.

It’s pretty likely you’re walking back from this weekend motivated.  Maybe you feel a little extra desire to push yourself a little harder, after watching the athletes on the field do what they do.  My question to you is, how do we bottle that up and save it for mid-November?  What can you do right now to try to put yourself back in this moment when things don’t feel so upbeat?  That’s the secret to training success, and it can be deeply personal.

Resolutions Are Made To Fail

One of my favorite events to watch was the Zig Zag sprint!  Pure Athleticism!

One of my favorite events to watch was the Zig Zag sprint! Pure Athleticism! Credit: CrossFit Games

Secret numero uno:  If you’re making deals with yourself now based on something you saw this weekend, you’re setting yourself up to fail.  A resolution is an emotional response/decision.  Resolutions are like diets – they are generally made in a time domain, whether conscience or not.

A 30 day Paleo Challenge and someone telling themselves “I’m going to the gym starting Jan 1” both put time boundaries on what they’re deciding to do, and thus psychologically set themselves up for failure.  What happens on Day 32?

Everyone, including you, knows that NY Resolution is bunk.

Everyone, including you, knows that NY Resolution is bunk.

Lifestyle Changes Are Required

Lifestyle changes are slow and foundational.  Instead of a “30 Day Diet” why not start today by eliminating any form of pastry that you get with your morning coffee.  Go ahead, eat anything else the rest of the day – but eliminate forever that AM apple fritter.  After a week or so, you’ll notice that you likely don’t even miss it.  Once you find yourself there, decide to remove that afternoon Monster Energy drink you frequently get, substituting it for black coffee.  And so on and so forth.  Over the course of many months, you’ll have adjusted your lifestyle to meet where you want to be.

Once you’ve adjusted your lifestyle, you don’t have to fear that “31st day binge” that usually comes with diets.  You would actually have to work just as hard to undo that lifestyle back to a crappy diet – it wouldn’t just happen overnight.

Lifestyle Adjustment

So here’s my challenge to all of you (since it seems we all are turned on by challenges).  Pick one thing you’re going to remove from your lifestyle today, in any manner you can.  DO NOT bite off more than you can chew, be realistic about this.  If you want to curtail your drinking, don’t be all like “Hey, I’m going to stop drinking 100%”… cause you’ll probably fail.  Instead be all like “Hey, I’m going to limit myself to 3 drinks on weekend nights, and chill out on the school nights”.  Once you feel that’s part of your lifestyle, maybe make that three a two, and so on and so forth.

If you wanna get nasty with this, and make yourself accountable, post your lifestyle challenge to the comments below.  By affirming your intent to the universe (which is obviously synonymous with Facebook and The Interwebz) you are taking the first and most important step in realizing it.

Workout of the Day

EMOM for 10 Min
1 Hi-Hang power clean
1 Hang power clean

Weight should be heavy but manageable.  Use the same weight for both movements.  Both hang power cleans should use the same weight and be completed as one set, every minute on the minute.

5RDS for time
5 Thruster (135/95)
12 Sit-ups
400m Run