Teen Athletic Development

Our Teen Athletic Development program is geared to assisting teens unlock true genetic potential for the rest of their lives. The program is focused on developing explosive power, strength, speed, agility, endurance, and coordination in teens.

The program design is to help teens become more competitive at the respective sports they play, but is not exclusive to High School athletes.  High intensity, functional fitness has been shown in studies to help children with attention and classroom endeavors as well!

Private and Group Training Format

Similar to our Adult programs, the teens will begin with personalized guidance and coaching with a series of private training lessons to get them comfortable and familiar with the movements at their own pace.

Once they have graduated to a point of competency in key movements, they will move into a group setting, where they can express their athleticism alongside other teens. The social and competitive component of the group is what unlocks the next level of ability thru training.

A Typical Day

Group class typically lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.  In the group, a typical day might look like this:

  • Warm Up – The coach would take the group thru a structured warm up, meant to prime their bodies for the specific activities of the day.
  • Agility / Speed / Coordination Work – 10 minutes of footwork, speed work, coordination work, or skill work.
  • Power / Strength Work – 20 minutes of time focused on developing either explosive power or pure strength.
  • Conditioning Work – 10 – 20 minutes focused on elevating the heart rate and pushing the mental and physical boundaries of respiratory endurance.
  • Cool Down
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this safe for children?  When taught correctly and actively coached, absolutely.  However, those two caveats are the key.  If movements are not properly taught, and coaching is not active and rigorous, risk of injury is there.  This is why we mandate all new participants get private training to start, and only join the group when they are competent in movement.
  • Will this stunt my child’s growth?  In short, no.  There’s many myths out there pertaining to diet, exercise and lifestyle – and this is one of them.  Read here for more info.
  • How beneficial is this?  VERY.  Not only will this increase the athletic ability of your child today, but it has long lasting effects.  Increased motivation, increased self-esteem, unlocked genetic ability, clear cut goals and training direction are all some of the things that come from this training system.
  • What the heck is “unlocking genetic potential”?  Our bodies have certain windows of opportunity to learn things while we are developing.  Think about language for example. It is very easy for children to pick up a new language when they are very young, and the older you get the more and more difficult it is.  Movement is the same. If you child is able to “unlock” the ability to use fast twitch muscle to deploy explosive power, she or he will retain this ability for life.  On the flip side, one who never unlocks this ability will have a very difficult time when they are older to become fast/powerful.

Have to be a kid!

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