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11201188_10206710187501360_4152509181288932584_nHaving time to unwind and reflect back on the weekend, here’s my thoughts about Regionals (sorry it’s long, if you get bored just skip down to the last paragraph)…

Day one and event 1 started out AMAZING! Well actually just Event 1 lol! It was definitely the highlight of my whole weekend to win “Randy” in my heat and finish 2nd place overall in that workout.  It was an incredible feeling to start my weekend with that win.  Being off the competition floor for almost a year, it was everything I could have dreamed about and more to come back and prove to myself and the rest of the world that, regardless of my injury, I belong there with those women.
The second workout “Tommy V” didn’t go so well for me.  I think a lot of people thought I would kill it because I won the rope climb workout last year.  But last year, even though it was tougher with legless, it was 1 at a time.  So doing 12, 9, 6 rope climbs in a row definitely proved to be a challenge for me and my muscle endurance.  Will be working on that all year long.  Regardless I finished 22nd in that one, and 7th overall at the end of Day 1.
Which brings us to Day 2. Man oh man, that damn True Form Runner.  I’m sure you could tell it added a minute or 2 to everyone’s regular mile time.  That thing KILLED me as it took me a little over 10 min to run my mile.  I know there’s no excuses, but… running was the absolute last thing I added back into my training coming off my achilles.  So that’s a small part of the reason I was slower than molasses.  But still, no excuses. So anyway… after I DIED on that damn machine, the OHS were hard and I had to drop a lot more than I wanted to. And then the good ol’ GHD Sit Ups. I’ve never done that many in a workout, let alone ever in my life, so needless to say 3 days later my abs were still sore.  I couldn’t even sit up from a lying position! Just prayed I didn’t get rhabdo. Anyway, I really wanted to get to the box jumps, but unfortunately I was too far behind and ran out of time.  Maybe it was a good thing and a sign from God not to do any 🙂

The 4th and 5th events were ironic this year.  I actually surprised myself and the rest of our gym with my handstand walking! I really think I could have finished.  I just needed to drop down and do faster sets of 10 feet at a time sooner.  And although I didn’t finish and got a 26th place on that event, that’s AMAZING for me.  Joshua said he was super proud and was surprised how well I walked.  And next year, I’ll be able to go the whole way, turn around, and come back.  Can’t wait!

Then 1 minute and 40 seconds later I had to snatch.  This was one of the ONLY workouts (besides “Randy”) that was in my wheelhouse.  I power snatched my opening weight at 167# which kinda ended up hurting me in the end.  Because a minute and 40 seconds later, I tried to power snatch 187#.  I didn’t mean to, but that’s what I conditioned my body to do right before.  So I got one more attempt in my 20 second window, but it flew up and I lost it behind me.  This killed me that night.  I lost sleep thinking about it, but in the end my coach said he was proud of me for being fearless and going for it, I had to.

Day 3 I started off in 12th place, and I knew the strict deficit hspu weren’t going to be all that great for me.  However, I surprised myself again completing 4 rounds and 12 calories on the rower into my 5th round. Again, not good enough amongst my competition, but a win for me in my books.

The last and final workout came down to 15 muscle ups and 5 squat cleans.  I really went into that one with a positive attitude thinking I might link 8,10, 12 or all 15 muscle ups together. And then… Mayday, Mayday… we had a major crash and burn on our hands.  I got to 5, did 3 more and felt like I had NOTHING left in my arms and tris to lock out on my dip.  CUH-RAZ-YY, absolute empty in my tank but even though way slower than I practiced, I was happy my weekend was over.

I ended up finishing 20th place in our California Super Regionals. It was a super rough weekend for me, which started off looking so promising, but I’ve walked away from the weekend a better person.  I hated every second of being last in my heats and it definitely lit a fire under my ass to work, work, and WORK even harder on all my weaknesses so I come back next year a more complete athlete.  But I’m keeping my head held high and spirits up because I know I gave EVERYTHING I had, and laid it all out on the floor by the end of the workouts.  The sheer volume and intensity was a lot for me coming back, but sitting out 7 months and training for 4, I’m proud to be right there with some of the Best women in the world.

However, what I will remember most and the biggest take away of the weekend… I will NEVER forget how much all of your support means to me!!!! Thank you, each and every one of you, who took time out of your busy lives to watch online or came down to cheer me on in person! The feeling of seeing you all in the stands, cheering your asses off with all the crazy signs and shirts, I’m FOREVER grateful and so proud to be your friend! Special shout out to Shanelle and Kirk Tsuye who made all of the big heads, thunder sticks, tattoos, and Jamie sticks lol! I’m honored to feel like one of your own kids/family so thank you! And Chris and Mike for making the awesome shirts everyone was wearing.  To everyone at the gym, You guys are my motivation and inspiration and I thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.  Til next year… I’ll be training my ass off and you can come watch some of my Phoenix Rise NPGL matches!





A. 1 ¼ squat @ 70x2x5/75x2x5/80x1x5 % 5rm back
A2. Walking lunges 21-25(rig to platform=1rep)
Amrap 8
50 mountain climbers
10 Russian KB Swing 2/1.5
5 Unbroken L-Sit pull ups (strict) 10 ring rows

-If not unbroken athlete performs 3 burpees each drop off bar

:rest 20 sec after each completed round


A. Handstand Practice and find max rope climbs in 2 minutes
(if unable to rope climb, rope lowers)

B. EMOM 10
Odd: 5 WB burpees
Even: 8 WB Sit Ups

Rest 2 minutes

200m Run
20 KB Swings