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Paul’s a Goat.

Today, we’re going to take a break from all the CrossFit action and talk about something serious.  I would like to discuss the similarities and differences between sheep and goats.  This is pressing to me because I was just watching some Nat Geo on mute, and they had a picture of some animal.  “Goat” I proclaimed.  “Sheep” Lexie said.  And we debated.

In delving into this to prove how right I was, I actually came to find that sheep and goats are pretty similar. In fact they are closely related in the animal kingdom, both coming from the same subfamily (Caprinae for those keeping score at home).

However in my research, I found one striking difference in personality, that made is plain as day to tell the two apart:

Sheep prefer to stick to the safe confines of their flock.

Goats are curious in nature and independent.  Not afraid to wander from their herd to satisfy their curiosities.

Which are you?  We’ll return to this topic soon, so think about it.

BTW. I was right. Lexie was wrong.

Workout of the Day

July 1st 2013
Time Domain: Medium
Movements: Press/Push Press & Burpees