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No excuses now.

No excuses now.

Sorry.  We’re open. You have no more excuses…

What’s up my Lab Rats!  Now that we’re officially open and my computer is FINALLY *almost* fixed, I can actually do things like browse the Internetz on something other than my iPad and send emails from something I can actually type faster than 10WPM on.

And – I can blog!  I’m going to start off with some pretty boring stuff that’s aimed at quelling one of the most common questions coming our way.

What Plans Do You Offer?

Right now we’re offering one of two plans:  I full, no holds barred membership and a punchcard.  We believe in making this as simple as possible for everyone – and decided (for the time) against doing any of the “2x a week” type plans.  Too many options make everyone’s head spin, and who really has time for all that? (A. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat)

New To CrossFit?

If you don’t know a Thruster from Toaster, this is your one and only option:

  1. Prep Lab.  A two week course catering to anyone new to CrossFit (or who wants to brush up).  It’s taught at a slower pace and is meant to get you ramped up to participate in CrossFit main classes in two short weeks (8 classes).  Each class will include a warm up, movement instruction, a workout and some discussion. This way you can get to know the science AND the sweat behind our brand of fitness.

Experienced CrossFitters:

If you’re experienced with CrossFit and CrossFit movements, you can jump right into the pool, no floaties.  Here’s your two options:

  1. Unlimited CrossFit.  No contract.  No setup fee.  No cancellation fee.  Quit anytime just tell us at LEAST 48 hours before you rebill if you want to not get re-billed.  We believe that you will WANT to be a member here because you value the service – we will not spend an ounce of energy trying to “trick” you into staying a member any longer than you want to.  Let the big-chain fitness places play that game (Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!).  
  2. Punchcards.  If you think you might only be getting into the box 2 times a week MAX, you might want to consider this option.  You can prepay for a set number of classes and we’ll keep track of how many times you come. When your punchcard runs out, you can refill it and keep coming to get your fitness on. As with everything in life, buy more – save more.  Why buck that Economics 101 trend?

How Do I Join?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Prep Lab

If you’re interested in joining a Prep Lab Series, please go here to read more about the Prep Lab and select a course.  For future reference, our Prep Lab page is located at http://torrancefitlab.com/services/prep-lab/

While we still have First Fifty memberships left we will extend the First Fifty pricing to anyone who has signed up for a Prep Lab class.  IF the First Fifty memberships sell out BEFORE you register for a Prep Lab class, you will not be allowed to register as a First Fifty member.  Please be advised of this NOW.

[tboot_button align=”right” color=”primary” size=”large” url=”http://torrancefitlab.com/services/prep-lab/” title=”Prep Lab Info” target=”_blank”]Prep Lab Info[/tboot_button]

First Fifty

Our killer deal on the first 50 memberships is still around (only 19 left as of this writing).  I would highly recommend picking that up NOW – cause once it’s gone it will be gone.  Our regular pricing will be significantly higher than the First Fifty pricing.

If you know anyone who’s potentially a First Fifty member, make sure to let them know ASAP.  We’ve seen the memberships literally fly as it gets closer and closer to 0 left.

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More to Come!

We’re just starting, baby!  There’s a LOT more to come.  All of us here at Fit Lab are busting TAIL to get this gym up and running in more ways than simply hosting workouts.  You’ll see more and more unfold as time goes on.  We hope you’re as excited as we are.

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June 26th 2013
Time Domain: Short (10 – 15 minutes)
Movements: Kettlebell Swings, Double Unders, Deadlifts