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1422443_459017724219833_1901771827_nI thought I’d take a moment to recognize Dan.  Dan is the one who introduced me to CrossFit in late 2011, in turn I introduced Lexie, and fast forward to now, the 3 of us own this gym filled with amazing people.  I don’t think Dan gets as much credit as he should.  In the 3 years we’ve been open as a gym, he has held a couple different jobs (including commutes to Santa Monica) all the meanwhile running his other company Push Press, balancing his family life with his 2 kids, and running our gym.  But no matter how busy he is, his love for CrossFit is something that has always stayed constant.

When I first met him I knew he had a huge passion for this sport.  The way he would talk about it was like a kid in a candy store rattling off the multiple benefits of CrossFit and why it’s so special.  He can tell you the history of the sport, name all the athletes and movements, and have in depth conversations about the medical terms and health benefits it brings (he geeks out on that stuff). But this is what makes him such a great coach/gym owner/partner because he really cares and understands WHY we’re doing this.


Some of the TCF crew hanging out and getting sun burned at the 2015 CrossFit Games

I thought it was super cool that he spent all 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from opening to close at the CrossFit Games last weekend.  After doing this for such a long time now (if you didn’t know, he owned a gym prior to TCF in LA for a couple years), but after all this time, it’s so neat his love for the sport is still very much alive.  This stands out to me because there are some gyms where the owners could care less about going to Games or being involved with the community. But not here at TCF! We’re super lucky to have such a dedicated owner who genuinely loves everything about CrossFit and the Community.  Cheers to Dan for being so AWESOME!


A.) Strict Press

B.) 1 Mile Run then

4 Rounds
7 Ring Dips
7 Burpees


A.) 1 Mile Run
B.) 4 Rounds
7 Ring Dips
7 Burpees