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For those of you who might not know – or who might be newer here – we use SugarWOD to publish workouts to you via their super handy/dandy app.  You can download it here for iOS and here for Android if you don’t have it already!

Once you download the app, use this code to join TCF

Once you download the app, use this code to join TCF

Once you setup an account, simply search for Torrance CrossFit and request to join our community!

It will ask you for an access code when you download it.  Look to the right to get the code.  This is just to make sure only our members end up in our community on SugarWOD.

On SugarWOD, you can do a few pretty cool things:

  1. Friendly smack talk is encouraged

    Friendly smack talk is encouraged

    Get nightly pushes of the workouts right to your phone. Simple as that.  Once a night around 7pm, we have the workouts pushed to you when you connect to our SugarWOD!

  2. Track your workout results.  This will help you when you need to know 85% of your 1RM Backsquat, and it’ll be fun to look back to see your progress in strength, power, cardio, etc.
  3. Meet other TCFers! It’s impossible to know everyone at TCF. I literally never see some of the AM clients, but on SugarWOD I can see them and get to know them there.
  4. Interact with others.  It’s always fun to give or get words of encouragement from our gymmates!  Get in the community and show your support for each other by giving Fist Bumps and comments.

If you haven’t been recording your workouts there, let’s all start!  It’s a pretty good tool, and I’d like us all to put a little more attention to the kind of results we’re getting here.  Similar to caring about money matters, if you don’t start to track what you’re doing, your results will be hindered!

See you there!