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This is the week!  The CrossFit Games Open starts this week, and I know some of you out there are shaking with excitement.  What’s the workout going to be? Are we ready for it?  How will this year’s Open Shakedown?  How will Jamie do?  Who’s going to bring what food for the Potluck on Friday? Which team will win this annual Intramural event?

It’s all part of the excitement of the weeks to come.

Week 1 Guidebook

Since I know many of you are new to TCF, CrossFit in general, or maybe even both, I’d like to take a moment to explain how this week will work.  The following weeks will follow similar structure, so once you get past this week, you’ll be in familiar territory.

Hours / Timing

On each Friday during the Open, there will be no “classes”.  We will host those of you who need to do the Open workouts during the mornings or noons during those class times.  The evening classes will be just lumped into one “Friday Night Lights” time, with heats available to signup under (more info below).

You are welcome to come in at any time on Friday to do your Open workout as long as you have a judge.  Generally speaking people start showing up en masse around 5:00PM.


This week is special because we kick things off with a potluck.  Bring anything you’d like to share with the community.  You don’t need to bring food to feed 100 people, cause there will be plenty of food.  Just something reasonable.  For this potluck, officially I’d say bring something healthy, but I leave that up to your discretion. 😉


In years past, we had heats on the whiteboard for people to sign into.  This year we will use an official online heat-signup system.  We won’t be able to organize the heats until the workouts are announced on Thursday evening, so expect to see them up on Thursday night for slot registration.

We will post the heat signup page weekly to our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group.  If you aren’t on Facebook, make sure you are in contact with your coaches or other team members.

If you cannot or do not sign up for a heat using the system you will be able ot pick up heats on the whiteboard on Friday.


Unless something gets delayed, and for some reason shirt orders never seem to go smoothly, the 2016 Intramural shirts come in TOMORROW!  We will post to Facebook when they come.  So, more than likely you will be able to pick up your shirt tomorrow night.

Jamie and Friends Heat

Gather up, rally around Jamie, and help her get to Regionals!  Your cheering and support is needed!

Every Friday night Jamie and potentially some guest super friends will hold a heat at or around 6:30PM.  Since Jamie is trying to qualify for Regionals, it will include a lot of setup, filming, proper clock alignment, and other things like this.  As a result we will take a break in the action and set all that up and get her workout out of the way, then resume heats for our Intramurals after.


Generally, this gap in time will be reflected in the Heat signup slots we will publish.


This event will be done with active judges, so you will have your reps and scores validated by another gym member.  Each person participating in this will be also expected to help out and judge for others.

Consider this a way to meet other gym members and have fun with them as they go thru the Open with you.  While we expect you to be able to discern a proper rep, please remember the goal of this is to have fun and challenge each other before you go on a NO REP binge!

Lululemon Prizes / MVP

Each week you will be asked to pick a goal for the week. This goal should be 100% personal to you, relative to your current levels and the workout.  If you hit this goal, you will be given a TCF Certificate of Achievement and be eligible for team MVP.

Your team coaches will select the team MVP each week.  The coaches will weigh the level of achievement along with pure grit, desire, and performance as criteria for these MVP selections. The community will then at large will vote on one Gym Wide MVP, based on the coaches testimonial as written in our weekly wrap up blog post.

As stated in  a previous post, Lululemon has graciously offered us FIVE $50 gift cards one for each week.  Each week, the Gym Wide MVP will win one $50 Gift Card and be recognized on our blog!  So try hard and set great goals!

There Might Be More!

We’re working on a couple surprise wrinkles to this. If we can iron them out, look to this blog for more fun things we might be able to do!

I think that about sums it up – if you have any other questions, please post them here and we can answer them! I hope you’re all getting pumped!