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What is the CrossFit Open?

Jamie, Cheryl and Jen have been to the Games! How amazing is that!

The Open is comprised of 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks. The workouts are released every Thursday and scores are due the following Monday. This is a Worldwide event for the top athletes to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

Do I need to sign up through the CrossFit Games site?

Not to participate with our gym- we will be doing the workouts but if you want to see where you stack up in your age group and region then it’s a great way to see where you rank in the world!

Who can participate? What if I just started?

The open is for everyone! There is an RX and scaled version as well as masters workouts too so there is no excuse and a perfect time to push yourself a little extra for these workouts.

What does this mean for me at TTL?

We will be hosting Friday Night Lights, starting Friday October 11th- more details to be posted soon but everyone will do the Open workout that day and we will run heats in the evening and classes during the day.

I’m still confused!

Come talk to Lexie or Jamie or any of the coaches- we’ve been doing this for the past 7 years so all of our coaches can answer any questions you have but in short, just do it and it will be a great experience I promise!
The energy is crazy when you have the whole gym cheering you on!