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The most beautiful thing about it is change.
The scariest thing about it is change.

A few months ago many aspects of my life were completely different.

When change happens, it either comes at an overwhelming pace or it happens so slowly you didn’t realize what happened until it was done.  In July, I was standing on the Seattle shoreline with my son on my back staring at the Olympic National Park planning our next adventure. I dreamt of us hiking through the giant trees and rainforests while breathing in the scent of the firs and pines. I envisioned us picnicking on the beach, playing in the tidepools, and collecting driftwood. Then life happened…

Fast forward to August, My husband and I both started new jobs, our son was adjusting to being away from me, and we were struggling to find balance. Everything was hard…

Fast forward again to mid-September, things got harder: CFSB Torrance made the announcement that they would be closing their doors permanently.  After the shock of the announcement wore off, sadness took over, then fear of the unknown set in.  There was just so much happening all at once.

So many transitions, so much to process, so many questions… Then I reminded myself what I already knew. Change is a part of life. Without change, we would be stagnant. We would become complacent. Instead of resisting the change, I would refocus my energy and go with it. That’s when everything shifted. It wasn’t the end of something, it was a new beginning. I just needed to be open to the possibilities.

At what other school does the first week include a night at the brewery? Oh yeah, every college on the planet.

I, like many from CFSB Torrance, had to deal with losing our home but also had to find a way to move forward. That meant looking for a new home and community. I think I can speak for most of us new transplants when I say that walking into Torrance Training Lab felt like the first day at a new school. It was exciting, unfamiliar and intimidating all at once. And like the first day of school, it’s important to approach new situations and transitions with positivity and openness.  

Embrace your new environment and introduce yourself to people. Partner up with someone you don’t know. Have post workout conversation. Go to Hey 19, have drinks, and get wild on the dancefloor with a bunch of people you just met.  It could be awesome or it could be weird (my bet is on awesome). The point is to embrace opportunities and welcome changes, big and small.  

When they come, we have the opportunity to make a choice.  We can choose to view changes as disruptions in our routines and resist or we can view and embrace changes for what they are. Transformation. It usually means working harder, going outside your comfort zone, and the possibility of failing. Sometimes multiple times. It means asking yourself the hard questions and answering them honestly and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  What is often forgotten is that with the trials that come with transformation also come fun, adventure, and new relationships.

So, ask yourself the hard stuff.
Get uncomfortable.
Be vulnerable.
Be open.
Fail as many times as it takes until you succeed.
Embrace the unknown.