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Nothing but smiles after winning her heat!

Nothing but smiles after winning her heat!

Torrance. Let that sink in. 

Normally when you ask someone how they did at a competition and they tell you they got 18th, you would perhaps offer condolences.   But when you are competing against the fittest 40 women the planet for the title (and $275,000) of “Fittest on Earth” – 18th place is a monumental feat.  Throw in the fact, this is Jamie’s rookie year in the five day grueling event that tests every aspect of fitness imaginable, and it’s downright amazing.

Be proud of this hometown hero.

Born and raised in Torrance.  She attended South High. She’s played basketball in our youth leagues growing up before leaving for USC and eventually the overseas pro leagues.  But in the end, she returned home and opened a gym in her hometown to help her community fight the obesity and sedentary epidemics our world is facing.

When I recently asked Jamie why she even got into the gym-ownership business, she promptly replied, “I opened a gym in Torrance because I saw the amazing effects it had on the health, wellness, and love within the community. I’ve always wanted to help people and this was God’s plans for me.”

Worlds Fittest Toilet Cleaner

Worlds Fittest Toilet Cleaner

Worlds Fittest Toilet Cleaner

One thing we all love about Jamie is her true connection to our clients and our business.  One day after wrapping up the CrossFit Games, Jamie was on the floor of the gym, coaching our clients thru workouts – helping them with movements, and pacing them thru their own daily version of The Games.

You see, the great thing about Jamie, as much as she has a focus on her own athletic endeavors, she’s rooted in this community. I think this is something a lot of people take for granted.

Rooted so much in our community, that she noticed the bathrooms were not up to par the other day and she cleaned them.  It was an instant joke on social media, but honestly it’s something that should be applauded.

13731973_1167709823270874_3319790704646706589_oWe All Aren’t The Fittest On Earth

The idea is laughable.  Most of us have humble aspirations. Things like:

  • To rid ourselves of the pain of sitting at a desk all day
  • To be able to safely pick our grandkids up for an “airplane ride”.
  • To kick the medications our doctor just prescribed us.
  • To feel less sluggish, more energy, or happier (without energy drinks!)
  • To live a few meaningful years longer for our children.
  • To have an hour of FUN!

If you have humble aspirations for finding fitness – we welcome you with open arms.  We understand not everyone can be the Fittest on Earth, but you CAN be coached by one of the Fittest on Earth.  We work with each of our clients, individually and personally to make sure their personal goals are met (exceeded!)