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This is a guest post by Mike E – 630PM Fit Labber and Tough Mudder enthusiast.  He wants YOU to get out there and on the trails with him.   We’re going to try to get a group of us together and head down there for this.  Interested?  Read on!

Back in May 2012, (a few months before I started cross fit) I was working out at a gym called Body Dynamix in the valley. The trainers there had just signed up for their 2nd Tough Mudder and were recruiting members. At the time I was in ok shape, but the most I had ran was a 5k.

I had a rough idea of what Tough Mudder was, and it sounded awesome, but not something a guy like me could do.  It looked super intimidating, undoable and the running alone scared the shit out of me. 10 miles, are you crazy? I’m not a runner.

With some encouragement I pulled the trigger and signed up. 7 weeks later, I crossed the finish line and proudly donned my orange headband.

A little over a year later, i’m getting ready to run my 2nd Tough Mudder and I’m here to recruit you.


Tough Mudder isn’t a race, it’s a personal challenge — the goal is simply to complete the course. There is no clock.  The events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

It touts itself as “Probably the toughest event on the planet”  They might be right, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Teamwork is mandatory

Teamwork is mandatory


Seriously why the F do people do it? You jump in frozen water, you crawl around under barbed wire through dirt and mud, you get electrocuted.  From the outside it sounds insane and people have a hard time imaging how you do it.

Kind of sounds familiar… sounds like how people think of CrossFit from the outside. You don’t have to run the whole time, you can set a pace that works for you. Some of the obstacles are scaleable and ultimately if you’re not into it you can go around it.

Pushing yourself in new ways:

If you haven’t run that type of distance yet, or haven’t done an obstacle race yet, this is a great way to set a new goal for yourself and accomplish things you didn’t know you could.

Being “In Training”:

Having something your training for puts the time you spend at the box, or the runs you go on mean a little something different. I genuinely like that feeling and think it’s good to have that goal you’re working towards sometimes.

Being Generally Prepared:

i’m sure since you’ve been coming to Fit Lab you’ve obtained new skills, and have gotten stronger. This is a perfect opportunity to put that functional fitness to the test.

If you can survive a filthy fifty workout, you can for sure crawl under barbed wire and cross some monkey bars.


Tough Mudder is first and foremost about teamwork and camaraderie, no Mudder can do it alone.  You know how Crossfitters will cheer on people to gut through their final reps? That’s how every single obstacle of Tough Mudder is.

To get through mud, fire, ice-water, and 10,000 volts of electricity you’ll need teammates to pick you up when your spirits dip. To get over 12 foot walls and through underground mud tunnels, you’ll need teammates to give you a boost and a push.

Epic challenges.  Bonding time with your box mates. Fun in the sun. Why wouldn't you wanna do it???

Epic challenges. Bonding time with your box mates. Fun in the sun. Why wouldn’t you wanna do it???


Looks like something we'd have at the box, no?

Looks like something we’d have at the box, no?


Sat Nov 9, 2013
San Diego (basically Mexico)
Click here for a Google map.


To sign up GO HERE.

Hit the Participants register now.  You can choose to run as an individual, or join my team WET BANDITS (yep, like the robbers in Home Alone)

password: ripnshred

There is no minimum or maximum to a team’s size.

The team structures are really loose you don’t have to stay together the whole time, or finish together if you don’t want to.  Being on a team just makes it so you start at the same time, on the same day.

On September 6th the price will increase, and continue to keep rising until Nov. 3rd when registration closes.   So don’t wait!


The entire course will be between 10-12 miles, and while the obstacles are “sexy” and get all the focus you will be spending 90% of your time running along the course.

You belong to a Crossfit gym, you’re strong you’ll probably do well in the obstacles. So you’ll want to start adding in trail runs to your weekly routine. Your increased stamina and lungs will also come in handy during whatever crazy WODs pop up. We’ll be planning some group training runs coming up so keep your eyes peeled.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask when you see me around the box.  I’m usually at the 6:30pm class. I have no problems talking about Tough Mudder.

The Tough Mudder website is a wealth of information regarding the race. It  has a great FAQ page, the site lists a lot of the obstacles you could encounter along with training programs, videos to fire you up, and very tactical details you would need for the event itself.

Workout of the Day

(Event 2 of the 2013 Hawaii VA Loans CrossFit Showdown)

100 Double Unders
21 Deadlifts (275/185)
21 Pistols – Alternating Legs
21 KB Snatch – Alternating Arms (32/24kg)
21 C2B Pull Ups
21 Hang Cleans (145/100)
21 Toes to Bar