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There it is.  The Games Open has come and gone.  The Torrance CrossFit team placed 91st (of 195) in SoCal.  Not quite high enough to earn us an Affiliate Team spot at Regionals, but pretty impressive given our surly lot of scrappy newbies to CrossFit.   And just like 99.9% of us know – the entirety of the Games Season would being – and end – with the Open.

With that being said – let me be the first to officially congratulate all of you!  WE WON.  We might not have placed a team into Regionals.  We might not have had anyone except Jamie with any shot of making Regionals.  But in the big picture, we not only won, we fucking  kicked ass and took some names.

Collectively, as a group, and each of you individually all won.  In a big way.  I’ve been involved in every single Open there has been – from 2011 to present.  I’ve personally never witnessed five weeks of collective winning like I have this year at TCF.  I mean – seriously – this year was INTENSE.  And what made it intense wasn’t the “firebreathers” at the box doing their thing.  It was the exact opposite.

Do you all know at most boxes, people shrink when it comes to stepping into the limelight and displaying their weaknesses? Shit, in all walks of life, normally the idea of failing cripples us.  I saw, time and again, people step into a heat and put all fears aside.  People even had to put fear aside to even ENTER the open.  I saw you all grow by magnitudes over the last week… from myself all the way down to some of our members who joined the Open fresh out of Fundamentals.

We came up with this Intramural, because we knew two things:

  1. Most of you would feel you didn’t “belong” in a competition in one way or another and would not join.
  2. Those of you who didn’t join would really have missed out on a lot of personal growth, eye opening experiences, and a ton of fun.

This was about nothing more than your experience the whole way.  For 5 weeks, I saw heat after heat of winning.  Give yourselves all a big pat on the back tonight.  You won.  We all did.

Have Reflections? Share.

Do you have any personal experiences with this Games Open process?  I would love to share some of your personal feelings and experiences in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open with the community, if you’d like to share.  Send over a blog post highlighting anything you would like to share about the experience and I’ll get it posted to our blog.  I’d like to feature some of your thoughts about what we all just went thru in the month of April!  Send your blog posts or any questions to Dan.

Workout of the Day

A. Strength
Back Squat
Take 20m to establish 1 rep max back squat

B. MetCon
30 double unders
5 chest to bar pullups
15 slam balls 30/20