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It’s no secret that physical activity is immensely important for youth of all ages, but did you know that you as a parent have a much bigger impact than you might think?! Positive reinforcement from parents make a difference-if you enjoy working out, so will your kids! The May 2012 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published an article with a study that revealed athletes had more physically active parents than non-athletes did. It also affects the perception of working out as well, one negative experience could compromise a child’s outlook on a sport or activity.

One disconnect we have with our outlook on youth athletics could be answered by what the National Strength and Conditioning Association suggests. They promote the Long-term Athletic Development Model (LTAD) which is based on “biological (physical) development and suggests training and competition strategies based on developmental and chronological age”. The US hasn’t adopted this strategy because it pretty much goes against what we want now. We desire instant gratification and want our kids to jump right into a sport without having a solid foundation of skills and athletic literacy and expect them to excel at a sport right away. We also are more focused on competition than proper training.

This is why we’re pretty excited at TCF to be able to have the opportunity to start up our youth and teens programs. Our youth academy (ages 4-12) will focus on the basics-general athletic training not specific to any one sport but expose them to a variety of skills (speed, agility, quickness, strength, endurance, balance, etc.) Once they become “teens” we will then focus on skills/training essential for their specific sport but also make sure they have the fundamentals mastered.

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