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Can’t do a movement? A coach shows you the appropriate steps that will get you there.

At Torrance Training Lab, we do a lot of things differently than every other gym – and it’s by design.  In this post, I’m going to explain why we don’t do a ton of group instruction before class breaks up to do work.

Before I get into that I’m going to explain how most gyms start and why most gyms operate the way they do.  This will set the pretext for why we do things the way we do.

Most boutique and CrossFit gyms are setup by coaches from former gyms.   They find a path to expand the teaching of their current gym, and seize the opportunity. In doing this, the path of least resistance is to establish the new gym entirely in the fashion of their previous gym.  So if the previous gym didn’t do Fundamentals, they generally won’t.  If the previous gym did a “Strength” workout before a “Cardio” workout, they will likely continue this path. The reason is simple, it’s what they know.

Rope climbing is a technique best learned with some personalized attention and practice.

I did this when I initially founded LAX CrossFit.  We all came from CFSB Hermosa, and we did exactly what they did, cause it was what we knew at the time.

After years of being in this game I’ve put countless hours of thought put to almost every aspect of the gym. In this process, we’ve come to feel that group instruction was a waste of time in 90% of the cases.

I don’t know how many times at LAX I coached the kettlebell swing to a group who had largely been doing CrossFit for 2+ years.  During this 5m instruction, their eyes would glaze over and often I’d lose them to the latest gossip in the back of the class.

Which Brings Me To My Point

Overhead squats take time, practice and mobility.

We don’t do in-depth group instruction during class because:

  1. We graduate people into class who have been well trained on movements.  Our coaches and our new clients put a lot of up front attention on the “beginners” phase.  We generally work with new clients on a 1-1  or very small group basis.  This allows our coaches to spend a TON of time working on the exact strengths and weaknesses of each person.   In this time, every client coming out of our beginner program will generally be much better prepared for a general group class than those coming out of group “beginners” processes.
  2. We believe in individualized instruction.  For those who feel unprepared in a movement , a coach will break off and work with them individually in a class.   Again, this gives us the ability to laser focus our coaching to the specific people who need help.  If no one in a class needs specific help, the coach will be offering coaching to everyone as needed.
  3. We value your time.  If you’re experienced in movements, we won’t force you to sit thru the minutia of an air squat for 5 minutes.  Sorry, not sorry – you can gossip when you’re rolling out. 😉
  4. We get more training time per hour.  In this fashion, we can pack more training time into every hour.  We can push the limits of the class to give us better exercises to help our clients get bigger results faster.  We can go longer into a set of squats, or deeper into a series of High Intensity Intervals.  All of this yields our clients better results in the same amount of time.

At Torrance Training Lab, we’re continually evaluating our processes and methods to make sure we’re putting the best product forward to the community.  This might mean our product is different than others around us, but it’s what we feel is the absolute best.



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