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So tonight is Carolyn’s post about her experience with competing at the Femme Royale.  Much like Tiffany’s post about her first competition, we see signs of self-doubt, determination, and a realization that “hell, she’s got this”.  THIS is what CrossFit is all about my friends. No matter what level you are on the concept of putting yourself to the test and overcoming does wonders for the psyche.   Newer members, I know it’s easy to look at Carolyn coaching Lites and Youth Academy and Tiffany just walking around being a badass nightly – but read these two posts and have the epiphany – we’re all scared sometimes.  And given the right environment and the right training and circumstances, we all can push the boundaries of our abilities.

First of all, I would like to thank all of those who came to support myself, Nindy, and Hilary at the Femme Royale competition this weekend at Code 3. For me, a part of CrossFit, is about having a support system, sense of belonging, and a community to help each other achieve goals–physical and mental. I (and I am sure Nindy and Hilary) felt relief, happiness, and support from your presence at the competition. 

Butterflies and/or Poop?

When asked to compete in the Femme Royale competition, the idea made me nervous. My friend Amber from CrossFit Live had insisted that I sign up for the competition. I denied her again and avoided her. I avoided her until I saw the movements…then I really didn’t want to do it, because she wanted to do the RX division. 24″ Box Jumps? No. #95 Thrusters. No. Pistols?! HELL NO! I can’t do 1. 

Every time she had bugged me about it, my stomach would turn. I gave her a chance and we met at Torrance CrossFit to go over the movements. Literally, I was already nervous. She the proposed to me to be her partner, and I agreed. Really, I wanted to throw up. October 1, 2014 – October 25, 2014. 25 Days to learn to pistol, get rid of my fear of box jumps, and hopefully not die on doing heavy thrusters. 

Try your best! Never give up!

We registered. It’s official. I trained at the gym, continued taking Oly classes, gave up drinking (until Oct 25), and thought positive. I practiced progressions to everything that I had trouble with. We cannot learn something if we give up. We have to try our best in order to learn something. The last week before competition I was feeling more confident on top of the box, feeling better on my Clean and Jerks for the bear complex, and my mobility had improved for my pistols. 

Box Trolls in Full Effect

Surprisingly, the day before the competition and the morning of the competition I wasn’t nervous. I was more nervous committing to the competition as mentioned earlier. I knew that I did all I could do to train, there is nothing else that I can do on that day that would improve my performance. However, your support definitely gave me more adrenaline and excitement. I definitely couldn’t have done as well if I didn’t have my TCF support system. 

Melina (my replacement partner, because Amber got injured) and I placed last in the RX division. But guess what? I got 5 pistols!!!!! I hit my 1RM Clean and Jerk and was able to lower it on my back for my back squat for the bear complex portion, I did more reps of back squats I thought I couldn’t do before, we made it through the #95 thrusters, and WE WON BEST COSTUME! Although we were last place competing against some amazing females, I feel that I have learned so much about myself and abilities.


I encourage everyone to compete outside of the box, out of your comfort zone. Personally, it connects the reason why I’ve been regularly training at TCF. Also, being a female, making me feel more confident in the world around me. There’s always competitions in our area. Not to mention, we have a great gym and great coaches to help you train too. Thanks again coaches and members for helping me through my first comp!! 🙂

Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

B . EMOM 8
4 KBS 1PD/.5PD

10 THRUSTERS 45/35

Beginner CrossFit

A. Strength
Deadlift 5×5

B. Strength
Max Strict Pull Ups x 3

C. MetCon
10 Pull Ups (Jumping/Banded/Kipping)
12 Kettle Bell Swings
200m run with Kettle Bell

CrossFit Lite

A. MetCon
“WallBall Love”
4 rounds
15 wall balls
3 wall walks
15 wall ball cleans
3 wall walks
15 squats with wall ball
200m run with wall ball