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The Juggernaut Become Unstoppable Clinic was last weekend at CrossFit Tustin, and the knowledge and experience in that gym was unbelievable!

On Saturday the day was full of guest coaches/speakers, mixed in with demonstrations from big time lifters including Collin Burns’ new PR 200kg/440lb Clean and Jerk!  Athletes rotated through 6 stations which featured Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Deadlift, Backsquat, Bench, and Mobility.

One of the lectures that hit home was the Nutritional Priorities lecture by Dr. Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization. I used them to drop 7 lbs right before Regionals and it was interesting to learn the methodology and science behind their work. Here’s a summary of his lecture straight out of his RP Strength notes he provided.


1) Nutrition is the SINGLE biggest factor in a person’s appearance (yes, more than training)
2) Weight gain or loss is mostly nutrition, some training.


There are five basic diet principles of varying impact on diet success. Here they are in order of magnitude:

1.) CALORIE BALANCE: ~50% effect magnitude
– Eating a hypocaloric diet to lose fat, hypercaloric diet to gain muscle

2.) MACRONUTRIENT AMOUNTS: ~30% effect magnitude
– How much protein, carbohydrate and fat you take in per day

3.) NUTRIENT TIMING: ~ 10% effect magnitude
– How many meals you spread out per day, whether you time your food intake to activity (workout window)

4.) FOOD COMPOSITION: ~5% effect magnitude
– Protein quality, Glycemic Index, Fat Type

5.) SUPPLEMENTs: ~5% effect magnitude
– Whey protein, glycemic carb supplements (VITARGO!!!), creatine, stimulants, casein


PROTEINS- Most important for body comp. Builds and spares muscles. 0.6-1g per LB of body mass/day.

CARBS- Critical for growing the most muscle. Provides energy for training (glycogen) and fuels CNS (Central Nervous System). Prevents muscle loss. They stressed this the most to people who CrossFit, we NEED our carbs to allow us to be able to do these hard workouts. 1-3g per LB of body mass. DEPENDS HIGHLY on goals and training volume.

FATS- Needed in diet for health, but much less than protein and carbs. Minimum of 10-25g/day of essential fats but depends on body size.


1) Mind the Priorities 2) Keep Goals realistic 3) Slow and steady with occasional mids 4) Avoid fads!!!

If you want to learn more about the types of Protein, Carbs and Fats that are best for you or timing as to when you should eat, how much you should eat… Check out Renaissance Periodization! Their approach is Science is Stronger so they have applied scientific principles to nutrition and timing.

Check them out if you’re interested in getting a personal nutrition plan, they’re seriously the BEST! http://renaissanceperiodization.com  They also have a new book out where you can find it here http://www.store.jtsstrength.com/resources//the-renaissance-diet

Oh and by the way, next time there’s a Juggernaut Seminar, it’s a MUST! Such an amazing, useful, informative, and FUN seminar!



A. Deadlift 3rm (add 5lbs to last weeks total


3 Handstand (wall kickups)
3 KB sumo deadlift hi pull 24/16

transition to:

30 double unders
8 ground to OH @ 95/65
12 vups


A. Strength – Deadlift

B. Metcon
30 DUs
4 Deadlift
8 lateral burpees over bar
12 v-ups

C. Mobility